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Kingmax Metal Tooling Ltd.

Contact: Rachel.Wang

Tel Phone: 0769-8277 5802

Fax No: 0769-8277 5810

Email: rachel.wang@kingmax-tooling.com

Addr: No.39, 1st street Songgang, Qingxi Town, Dongguan

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Kingmax Metal Tooling Ltd, established in 2019 and also located in Qingxi Town,Dongguan city.

We are the fourth branch company of TH group.

In order to provide the best service for international automotive tooling customers, we are separated from Yuehong industry and built more professional tool team to serve international customers.



Kingmax already have 80 employees, including 10 tooling designers who are proficient in software of UG, AUTOFORM, CATIA, AutoCAD, Think Design.

Our assembly shop cover plant about 2000 square feet and with 80-1200T press for tryout only and we are equipped with inside house processing team, including CNC Milling, WEDM, Grinding, Turning etc machine, so we can prepare material in a short time and can produce 5-10 sets 2-4M progressive dies/transfer dies/tandem dies per month,90% is exported to North American and Europe. 

We always follow Philosophy of Top quality Tooling, On time delivery and Guarantee after service.

Topzone is focus on medium & large size sheet metal progressive, transfer and tandem stamping dies & toolings. Which has a well trained and professional technical team to serve customer from all over the world, with its strict process control of timing, quality and costs.